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18. Soon to be a Graphic Communicator. If I ever like a ton of your posts in a row, that's totally normal for me. End really long description.
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Okay, the name “Resurrection Rolls" kind of freaked me out, but these look amazing nonetheless. 

Brace yourselves.

Marshmallows, dipped in melted butter. 

Then cinnamon sugar.

Then wrapped in crescent rolls and baked.

recipe here, and also brace yourself for the jesus saturated directions.

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Sick of me posting this? Good. The sooner y’all go and VOTE 5 for it… The sooner I’ll stop posting it ;)

Siren and Sea Lion on Threadless

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FuckYeahDisneyFaceCharacters Cosplay Give Away!!!

The winner will receive a cosplay costume of any Disney Character of their choice (cost- $100-$250)

 I really appreciate all the support i’ve gotten on this blog and want to thank all you amazing people by giving an amazing costume away! It’s perfect for anyone with a face character obsession (like myself!!!) If you are the winner, you get to select a character and i will provide you with all the options within the price range for that characters costume.

The costume will be purchased online by me from cosplay companies based out of China. If you are the winner, i will provide you with the sizing chart and you can let me know what size to order so it will fit you nicely!

I want to emphasize that I can not guarantee that the item you receive will look exactly like the item in the picture you select. I will obviously order the item with the picture you choose- but you never know what you will actually get…

The rules

  1. Must be following me to be entered in the costume give away
  2. If you want, you can follow my main blog (it’s not predominantly Disney, but i do post Disney stuff a lot!). If you are following this blog, you will also win a wig for the character- details on giveaway page* ($20-$30)
  3. Reblogs count only (not likes!)
  4. Your name will be put in as many times as you reblog
  5. Giveaway Blogs do not count- be cool. I will definitely check
  6. You cannot delete the text
  7. I will be messaging you from my main blog, pawnee-parks-and-rec because tumblr still doesn’t let you select which blog you send messages from
  8. your ask box must be open- if it is not, i will select a new winner.
  9. You must respond within 24 hours- otherwise i will select a new winner

The winner will be selected randomly on Friday, May 23rd 2014 (in the evening) using an online random picker

You can keep reblogging until i make a post on my blog announcing the winner

If you have any questions about the give away, let me know!

I Ship anywhere worldwide!

Good luck!

I have a whole page about the give away with other costume examples and details on the wig here

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Reblog for a Disney-style drawing of you!



Doing all!

Be careful what you say

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Me: * whines about the many things I have to do that’ll take hours 

Me: * eats in bed all day as I whine

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 ↳ “Some people are worth melting for.”

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Sometimes, you just need to draw fluffy, moth-inspired garbage creatures.

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My, something I totally forgot about! And ech, I won’t work on it again, so why not post it as it is. Ninja training for seven years yeeaaah

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Team Rocket by request.

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I just got the “Don’t be afraid if a boy asks you out soon” talk from my mom.

Now I’m paranoid trying to think of all the guys who I could possibly see on a fairly regular basis.
Last time my mom said something like this to me… a guy asked me out numerous times (all declined), he sent me a valentine gram, and asked me very publicly to prom…

Yep. I’m scared.

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